Truly Traceable

Husband and wife team Steve and Lynn Tricker take the concept of traceability to a new level. Steve can pinpoint exactly where each animal he shoots came from, right down to the Ordnance Survey map reference. Using Lynn’s secret pastry recipe, the pair then turn the meat into award-winning pies, sausage rolls and Scotch eggs.


Steve will help teach a class explaining the importance of game management and how to prepare and cook different types of game. The fur and/or feathers may fly!


Lindsey Dickson Creative

Instagram expert Lindsey has worked as a cook, gardener, stylist and photographer so she is the perfect person to teach our Instagram course.


Her Eating Tree Instagram account has legions of devoted fans who love her simple, natural approach. She’ll explain how best to make Instagram work for you and, with a multitude of gorgeous props, show you how you can develop your own unique styling.

Sergio Muelle

Artisan knife maker Sergio creates stunning kitchen and outdoor knives at his Suffolk forge, hand-crafting every element. His blades are made from high carbon steel but he likes to incorporate recycled materials, from scraps of Anglo-Saxon bronze to Ford Transit leaf springs and wood from his orchard.


Sergio will explain the ancient art of knifemaking and help demonstrate knife care and knife techniques, from spatchcocking to filleting. There will also be the opportunity to buy some of his beautiful knives. 

Steph Clubb.jpg

Steph Clubb

Steph Clubb is an expert in gluten-free cooking as well as baking and pasta making. She is a teacher, recipe developer and home economist of many years standing.


Her depth of knowledge inspires confidence across all skill levels and her friendly, down-to-earth approach and humour makes her a joy to learn from.


Simon Wooster

Simon Wooster founded the award-winning family bakery at Bardwell Mill in Suffolk in 1989 before moving into technical roles in the baking and flour milling industries.


Simon was making sourdough bread at a time when most of the UK had scarcely heard of it and his practical, hands-on approach will give you the knowledge and confidence you need to master the basics and branch out on your own to explore the wonderful world of sourdough.

Mike Warner

Seafood expert Mike Warner has fished since he was a boy and regularly puts to sea with UK fishermen to tell their stories, connecting consumers to the catch and explaining how to buy seafood seasonally and sustainably.

Mike’s workshops, talks and masterclasses demonstrate how easy it is to cook seafood at home. He is a regular contributor to Country Life and when not writing, talking about or eating seafood, can be found aboard his boat Avocet, fishing for lobsters off the Suffolk Coast.